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Is Your Identity for Sale?

Your identity belongs to you, right? Not necessarily.

There's a host of personal details about you that that make up your identity. Just like any information you want to keep secret, the more people you tell, the less likely that information will remain private. You may not realize it, but once you share any of your private information, especially on the internet, not only is it "out there," but it stays "out there." Indefinitely.

Some details, like a credit card number or a password, you know to keep locked up for safety, and most websites use encryption to make it harder for people to get these details without your permission.

Other details, like an account username or a home telephone number, may not seem as threatening when they sit on the internet. But in the wrong hands, a collection of these seemingly innocent details can be used to confirm your identity. And once your identity has been confirmed, it can be stolen and sold to someone who could do you grave financial harm.


What is Identity Theft?

Armed with only a few of your personal details, criminals can sell your information on the Dark Web and wreak havoc on your personal accounts, your finances, and even your credit. In the time it takes a criminal to locate and store this information, your identity has already been compromised.

And you wouldn't even know it until it was too late.

Stop Identity Theft before it stops you.

With our database of over half a billion records, we can perform a search in seconds to tell you how vulnerable you are right now to Identity Theft.


What Exactly Is the Dark Web?

Similar to the regular internet, the "Dark Web" is a network of websites and material. But where regular internet websites have published IP addresses, making those websites accountable through their identifiability, the Dark Web masks its IP addresses, giving them a cloak of invisibility. This concealment makes the Dark Web a breeding ground for clandestine activity and is where identity thieves go to do business. By gathering information from the internet and hiding it on the Dark Web, identity thieves can collect individual pieces of your identity data until they have enough of your information to sell.


How Your Privacy Insights Can Protect You from Identity Theft

Your Privacy Insights is a single tool that combines three important benefits: the most current results, regular updates and alerts, and useful tips. We use the combination of your name and your email address to create your report because this is how most identity thieves start their own search process to create a profile on you.

Real-time Search

We will search our Dark Web database of 600 million records to see if your data is currently for sale. Unlike other products on the market, we look this up for you in real-time. Our database is refreshed daily with 300,000 new records added each day, so you are constantly up to date on the most recent hacks.

Monthly Alerts

We will check the Dark Web monthly to see if your data has been stolen and is available for sale. Criminals hack someone new every day so it is important to make sure you check frequently to determine if your data has been exposed.

Data Security Tips

Data and identify theft can be a life changing event. We will provide you with the most frequent and up to date scan of the Dark Web and advise you on your best course of action to secure your information.

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A scan of our database of over half a billions records can tell you in seconds how much of your personal information is available on the internet.

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